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We’re laying the digital foundations for a new kind of land market. A market that delivers the homes needed for an ever growing and diverse population.

It was broken, so we fixed it

The traditional site sourcing process was rife with inefficiency. By working closely with the likes of Ordnance Survey and the Land Registry, we have merged the physical and digital words so people can finally discover and assess new opportunities with ease and confidence.

It is our mission to give you the best tools to make the right calls. To bolster profits, repair shortages in housing and help build communities. Learn more on our blog.

Like a lot of good stories, this one starts with two friends

Andrew was looking for a plot for his self-build project when he realised how painful the process was. As an experienced developer (the software kind) he knew tech could help deliver a better solution, but he needed someone with industry expertise to create the right one.

Meanwhile ex-town planner Johnny was working on his family business up in Durham. One evening, while scrolling through his twitter feed something caught his eye, "Property software startup seeks co-founder".

Fast forward to 2018, LandInsight is 48 people strong, the fastest growing proptech company and most importantly has facilitated the development of tens of thousands of homes.

Our Values


We believe that transparency breeds trust, improves efficiency and accessibility to the market.


Our tools are built to help our users make the best decisions for their businesses.


We believe that transparency is a more caring approach to business. In our eyes, we're all under one roof.

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We're not in it for the awards, yet they always seem to find us

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